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Protecting your reputation and safeguarding you, your family and your livelihood

Domestic Violence

Cases of domestic violence very often involve people with no previous convictions who are going through difficult personal circumstances – perhaps financial problems or a divorce, or unemployment and all the related stress that brings with it.  Bail conditions that are imposed as a result of it can cause all manner of issues and split families up.  MTM has a great deal of experience of defending such cases and of making successful bail applications to avoid these conditions and of appealing against a Sheriff's decision.

The Crown takes a zero tolerance approach to prosecuting cases involving domestic violence. Crown policy is that a person charged with domestic violence should be kept in custody to appear in court as soon as possible – that could be until after the weekend or until the end of a holiday period such as the Christmas holiday.  Domestic violence is not just physical acts, and covers everything that could constitute domestic abuse.  A simple domestic argument can quickly get out of hand and fall within these guidelines.  

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