Protecting you, your family,
your livelihood -
and your reputation

Protecting your reputation and safeguarding you, your family and your livelihood


MTM has comprehensive experience in defending clients agianst charges of fireraising.  We have independent fire experts who can ascertain how a fire has been caused, whether an accelerant has been involved and whether there are any other competing causes such as faulty electrics otr flammable items, which were unknown.  The firm takes a forensically through approach to assembling your defence.

Fireraising is dealt with very seriously by the courts because of the ever-present threat of serious injury or death, often on an unexpected basis.  The law also protects property, and penalties are severe for this crime.  

Taking early action is the best way to approach a case and get the best possible outcome. Call us on 0800 328 0944 for an initial free and confidential consultation