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your livelihood -
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Protecting your reputation and safeguarding you, your family and your livelihood


Murder is the most serious charge that a person will ever face – and, if you are facing a murder charge, you need the very best legal team and forensic expertise on your side. MTM defends people against the most serious charges and is frequently brought in too by other legal firms to deal with murder cases.  MTM's Solicitor Advocates are active in the High Court, where their expertise and knowledge and experience are widely recognised.

In such prosecutions, the Crown prepares its case thoroughly: it is why you need a strong defence to match, contest and overturn the prosecution case.  That is precisely what MTM does: by challenging key areas of the case like identification by DNA, fingerprints and blood patterns. MTM has access to the best forensic experts in the UK and many years experience of successfully presenting and challenging forensic evidence – not all criminal law firms have this expertise or are of a size to be able to do this.  The serious charge of murder needs a serious defence – an MTM defence.

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