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your livelihood -
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Protecting your reputation and safeguarding you, your family and your livelihood

Police Assault

Using violence against a police officer in the course of his duty almost always results in a custodial sentence.  If you are facing such a charge, you need expert representation to avoid such an outcome and all of its unwelcome consequences – including consequences for your livelihood and family relationships.

Cases of assault on police officers are are some of the most difficult cases to win because police officers themslves are witnesses.  That is why you need expert lawyers to check that the police are acting under lawful powers allowed to them.  MTM's expert legal team does exactly this, making highly detailed comparisons of police officers' accounts and seaching for a scrap of independent evidence that might serve to undermine the testimony of the police such as CCTV evidence or the evidence of a bystander or onlooker.  

This category of offence includes assaults on fire brigade and ambulance staff.  The Emergency Services Act protects people acting on behalf of the public in difficult situations, particularly the police.

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