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Protecting your reputation and safeguarding you, your family and your livelihood

Serious Assault & Attempted Murder

If you are facing such charges, you need a first-class defence team to defend and support you at all stages – a team that can throughly investigate too your case to fortify it with the very best evidence available.  MTM's senior defence team will work to find witnesses, examine CCTV footage in minute detail and 'seal' the scene of the incident to gather the best supporting evidece for the defence case from the outset.

Defending people in cases involving serious assault and violence is a particular area of expertise for MTM.  It is one of the most common areas of criminal law that MTM deals with – either in the High Court or in Sheriff and Jury trials.

A serious assault charge can easily become an attempted murder charge, depending on the level of violence used.  Sometimes, an incident can take place involving a weapon, or even a vehicle, causing the Crown to bring a charge of attempted murder as opposed to serious assualt.  Whatever you are charged with, the MTM team has the expertise and the proven approaches to dealing with such cases that you need.

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