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Theft & Handling Stolen Goods

Theft takes many forms - from shoplifting to theft as an an employee or theft in a position of trust, which are all dealt with particularly seriously. At MTM, we deal with all manner of cases, including motor theft and theft by housebreaking.

We challenge the evidence at all stages. In shoplifting cases, we establish whether the person has really passed the point of payment. Have they concealed anything? Do they have shoplifting paraphernalia. Often in such cases, goods are discovered later and a fingerprint is found or DNA evidence produced that can be linked back to someone on the database. That is precisely the kind of evidence that we are are adept at challenging - it is crucial evidence.

In cases involving employee theft, we are experts at getting access to employment records, and we have access to the best forensic accountants, which means that we are able to analyse and challenge evidence in minute detail. We are also experts in challenging CCTV evidence, which can be a central element in such cases.

In cases involving handling stolen goods (reset), we challenge whether the person knew or suspected that the goods were stolen: suspicion alone can be grounds for conviction. We are 'streetwise' too: we can establish whether goods have been sold for less than they are worth: it is important to know what second-hand value or the true market value for a product really is. What you say to the police can be critical in such cases - that's why you need MTM on your team from the outset.

Taking early action is the best way to approach a case and get the best possible outcome. Call us on 0800 328 0944 for an initial free and confidential consultation